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Our Approach
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What is executive presence?

Outstanding executive presence is a dynamic mix of temperament, confidence and charisma. People “know it when they see it” in others because those who have it “stand out from the crowd.” Men and women who possess outstanding executive presence know how to listen and speak in ways that stimulate collaboration and that bring out  the best in their clients, peers and subordinates.


Our two-phase approach: Focus on emotional intelligence & story telling…

We believe that a high level of emotional intelligence is a required prerequisite to achieving outstanding executive presence. So that’s where we begin. We assess and help our clients increase these 4 levels that drive their “EQ”…

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is foundational. It's being aware of one's feelings and being conscious of one's own given set of emotions. Being in touch with those emotions enables better navigation of one's own life.

Self Management

One must learn how to balance his/her own moods so that worry, anxiety, fear, anger etc. do not become obstacles to developing and maintaining strong executive presence. Managing one's emotions is critical for maximizing clear thinking, especially during stressful situations.

Social Awareness

Being effectively empathetic is at the heart of strong social awareness. Increasing social awareness also enhances to connect with others through communication and one's actual behavior as well.

Relationship Management

This is about cultivating positive relationships in a group environment. The goal here to master the art of collaboration...getting all stakeholders to understand and focused on a common goal or objective...while recognizing the worth of each individual involved in the process.

The second phase of our training focuses on effective story telling. Story telling an activity that is as old as humankind, and that separates us from all other animals. Human beings are “hard wired” for story telling…and great story tellers have always influenced others almost magically. Whether it’s a formal presentation or merely a casual conversation at a cocktail party, individuals with exceptional executive presence rely upon story telling to make their points and enlist support of their positions…

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Can my executive presence be improved?
The answer is “Yes!” Numerous respected business coaches have all stated and proven that with proper training and direction, executive presence can indeed be improved. Obviously, the trainee needs to be self-motivated, and sees the value in such an undertaking. Anyone who is serious about moving into a leadership position in any organization should think seriously about securing credible executive presence training.
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Parham & Associates, LLC
About us
Buff Parham, an honors graduate of Stanford University, spent 35 years in media sales and sales management. During that time, he worked for CBS, ABC, FOX and Univision in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and New York. He is widely recognized as an outstanding business coach who enjoys solving complex “people” problems.
Roughly ten years ago, he formed his own consultancy, and has successfully worked with clients across a wide range of company sizes and categories, including tech, marketing, investments, and media. His services have benefited both startups as well as large established corporations.His company is now dedicated to giving its clientele top notch executive presence training as well as solid professional communicating skills.
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